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Current Committee Members
The committee is currently comprised of the following dedicated individuals:

Lawrence Walters, Chairman

As an attorney specializing in First Amendment cases, Lawrence Walters brings over 20 years of active practice in this field. He is the sole owner/operator of his law firm located in Florida, focusing primarily on the adult sex entertainment industry. Lawrence is a founding member of the First Amendment Law Committee, collaborating with other lawyers and organizations such as ASACP.

Michael Kahn, Vice-Chairman

Michael Kahn's practice primarily revolves around DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) infringement cases and free speech concerning the First Amendment in the media. He also specializes in areas like the right of privacy and defamation cases involving slander and libel, especially within incidents where social media platforms are implicated. Michael's expertise is highly regarded by his adult industry clients, particularly in managing intellectual property matters.

Laura Jacobs

With a strong client-centric approach, Ms. Jacobs demonstrates a focused dedication to her clients' cases, showcasing her valuable contributions to the First Amendment Law team. While her earlier experience encompassed various areas of law, she has seamlessly transitioned to our team and proven to be an invaluable asset.

Luke C. Lirot

Luke Lirot, a graduate of the University of San Francisco, has made a significant impact on the representation of his clients and their cases. He has been a staunch advocate for more freedom of speech and civil liberties within the adult entertainment industry, gaining recognition both locally in Tampa, Florida, and across the nation. Luke's career spans over 20 years, reflecting his deep commitment to defending fundamental rights.

Daniel R. Aaronson

A graduate of Samford University, Cumberland School of Law, Daniel Aaronson practices law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Leveraging over a decade of experience within the adult entertainment space and drawing from his background in criminal law, he brings fresh perspectives to our seminars and discussions. Daniel is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar, contributing significantly to our organization.

Richard L. Wilson

Richard Wilson is a prominent figure within our committee, bringing extensive education beyond law school. With direct employment experience in several large companies in the online pornography space, he possesses firsthand knowledge of the industry's daily challenges. Richard is a proud member of the Florida Bar Association, and his over 40 years of experience continues to be a valuable asset to our board.

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