about us
A Committee of the Florida Bar's Public Interest Law Section

The First Amendment Law Committee proudly leads as the first Bar Committee exclusively devoted to upholding the fundamental constitutional rights to Free Speech, Free Expression, Free Association, Free Assembly, Free Press, and the Right to Privacy.

While many organizations operate within mainstream arenas of free speech, such as politics, our committee is unwavering in dedicating 100% of our efforts to championing free speech within the domain of sexuality. This encompasses active advocacy for the adult entertainment industry, spanning both online and offline platforms, including pornographic websites, dating applications encouraging casual encounters, and mature adult-oriented social media platforms (typically 18 years of age and older, and 21 and up in specific regions).

Presently comprising six dedicated members, our committee continually evolves with new passionate additions. If you are an attorney enthusiastic about our cause, we encourage you to reach out and explore the prospect of joining our ranks.

In collaborative synergy, we closely align with leading adult industry organizations like ASACP (Adult Sites Advocating Child Protection) and endorse the RTA Label (Restricted to Adults Label). The RTA Label, a voluntary designation offered at no cost, extends to all website and content owners. This crucial label supports parental control software, such as Net Nanny and Norton Family Premier, aiding in content filtration based on defined age restrictions.

For an in-depth exploration of our relentless efforts and initiatives geared towards fostering greater freedom and reducing censorship, we invite you to follow the link below.

Our Mission:
1. Safeguarding Free Speech, Free Expression, and Privacy Rights
2. Enlightening the Bench, the Bar, and the Public
3. Advocating Against Government Censorship