Impaired Driving Laws

You have the right to remain silent.

This should always be your first course of action anytime you’re charged with driving under the influence. Yes you do have a right to free speech but now was not the time to exercise this right because it’s in your best interest to be quiet and consult a lawyer who has extensive experience in dealing with these driving charges.

Operating a motor vehicle, car, track, or SUV is a privilege not a right unlike the first amendment and so it’s in your best interest to protect this right by always operating your automobile in the highest possible standards. Certain car dealerships have an instrumental in helping to reduce the tragedies caused by impaired driving such as Tyee.

police-carWhen you first purchase a vehicle from an auto dealer it’s imperative that you understand your local laws as this is not the car dealerships responsibility to educate you on various driving in traffic related laws such as speed limits, DUI laws, and various parking violations that you could be subject to operating your car.

But as we mentioned any unfortunate circumstances that you are pulled over well operating a vehicle impaired the best thing you can do is keep your mouth closed until you have sufficient time to contact a lawyer so that they can form an appropriate legal defense minimize your sentence.

At the very least you can expect to have your driving privileges revoked or spend at least for the short term and if this is your second or third¬†¬†driving offense and you can also expect to have your car impounded. If this is case you’re first want to take control of Your DUI charge and then start looking for cars for sale as the odds of you getting your vehicle back for slim to none. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new car for sale are used cars for sale the point is to start looking early see you can prepare yourself and be sure that you have a valid form of transportation if the driving charge against you sticks.

Again her final take away point here is to be sure to exercise your first amendment rights at inappropriate time and not when you’re charged with DUI.

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